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Anybody using Apple Aperture for their photo editing and archiving?

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  • Anybody using Apple Aperture for their photo editing and archiving?

    Just curious.

    I'm experimenting with it and find it incredibly easy to use after following an online training at The archiving and backup possibilities are just great. And it is really fast.

    I tried Lightroom (slow), Bridge (never liked it) and ACDsee (terrible RAW processing), Nikon Capture (still needed Photoshop) and now Aperture which I actually really like.

    I do have my doubts however with the RAW processing of this program. It does not apply my camera settings to the RAW and I have to do some serious post processing to have it look good.

    How do you guys evaluate this program?


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    As a non-Mac user I haven't even heard of the program.

    I use Photoshop Elements 5.0 and Adobe CS 3. Especially in the latter program there's good RAW processing options. I heard that the programm Silkypics is even better with RAW, though I haven't tried it yet.

    Not a real answer to your question, but perhaps if you could get one of these programms you find them useful.


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      I realize that I didn't make myself clear enough in my first post

      I do own Photoshop and I'm currently using it. But it's expensive and a bit of an overkill for the simple editing I do. It's also not that strong in the archiving department. Now I found Aperture and I was wondering if this program will do the job for both archiving and editing. So far, personally, I think it's doing a good job but you can never learn enough from the more experienced Aperture users