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Request for help please.

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  • Request for help please.

    Just wondering if anyone could help me with this picture please it was rejected for dark/underexposed, I'm not really sure if its fixable at all but interested to find out if it can be and how, as that is one thing I need to work on is the processing after!
    I did have a look at it in PS this evening but I'm not 100% sure how much i should adjust it so wanted some better advice.

    Thanks for all your help.

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    Hello Nick,
    nice shot and definitely fixable.
    I had a quick go at it in PS, I just increased the brightness and gamma in the "exposure" menu and added some extra contrast.

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      Hi Florian Thanks for that I had another go with it, do you think it looks much better now?
      Thanks very much looking and your help.

      Regards Nick


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        Nick, if you look at the one Florian did the bottom of the aircraft is lighter than yours so you can see the detail of the underside.

        From my work PC which seems to be brighter than it should be you bottom of the aircraft still looks to dark IMO.


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          Also don't forget the dust spot above the left wing


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            So i looked at the original in super size and I struggle to see the dust spot, I wonder if that has to do with the fact I am using a laptop with 15" screen that belongs to my wife.

            When I zoom in on the rough area I really struggle to see a dust spot there....I'm not doubting its there just find it really hard to see.

            Maybe I will leave this one then and move on....I have i believe some better shots that I have over on Myav so I will maybe work on those and then see what you guys think to them, certainly those shots are from a brighter day, But i think its still important I try to get something usable from a more overcast day.

            I do wonder if this laptop is not helping my cause so much, Thanks once again for your help and I will look forward to your criticism with the next shots. I am trying very hard to only put on the shots I think are really worth doing.

            Regards Nick

            If you are interested here is the link to Myav