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    Hello everyone i am a beginer my name is melvin my camera is a canon 400d with a lense 75-300.i have sent pictures into jet photos they have been rejected which i expected .the reasons range from bad composition,not centerd,bad framing ,undersharpend,soft, more or less everything .i know i wont be able to sort this out quickly but any help would be grate kind regards melvin

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    Heey Melvin,

    Welcome to the world of aviation photography
    Your equipment is nothing wrong with.
    For some processing tips have a look on some populair PS workflows.


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      thank you very much for the two sites you recomended arjenp


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        Hi Melvin,

        Both mentioned sites have been a great help to me, so I really recommend you to study them closely.

        At forst I thought Iīd never get a photo accepted and see where I am now ... 215!




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          First of all, what processing software do you use ?

          Secondly, to give you a starting point with your camera....

          -Set Aperture priority,
          -Set 100 ISO,
          -Set aperture at f8 - f10.
          -Set adjustable functions such as sharpness, contrast etc. to normal.
          -Set the colour space to sRGB.
          -If you feel comfortable using RAW as the image quality and have the necessary software to open RAW images then use that. Otherwise start with the best quality jpeg setting.

          Your biggest friend with a new camera is the handbook. So many users just bang away taking pictures without referring to the instructions and get into a terrible mess.

          Your second best friend after the handbook is these forums. Here you can ask for help and advice, show examples of your problems and be assured that you'll get the help you need.

          Have is about to get less frustrating !
          If it 'ain't broken........ Don't try to mend it !


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            And with Brianīs settings try them on a sunny day.


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              thank you all

              thanks to everyone who has given me advice i will do as you have said and will read the hand book .if i may i would like to post some pictures for you to look at and proberbly tell me where i am going wrong .once again let me thank you all for the advice . kind regards melvin


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                Originally posted by sheffieldboy View Post
                thanks to everyone who has given me advice i will do as you have said and will read the hand book .if i may i would like to post some pictures for you to look at and proberbly tell me where i am going wrong .once again let me thank you all for the advice . kind regards melvin
                Offcourse you can post some photos


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                  Ok Melvin where do start?
                  First point I would make is never give up I feel sorry for anyone uploading for the first time as it can be a steep learning curve to get photos accepted,I had the luxury of uploading to this site from its inception(my first photo ID 492).But even now I still get rejects...ok more accepts than rejects but you are learning all the time.Only in the last couple of months did I understand the way very wide angle lenes work re.depth of field.
                  But getting back to your present situation your camera is fine I use the 400D as my second camera.Ok if your not using L glass on your Canon you just have to be more careful and selective in when and where you take light conditions and so on.As the the great Guru Brian stated keeep to f:8 iso 100 if possible but no higher than 200 (getting iso +200 accepted is like trying to get the camel through the eye of the needle)not immpossible but !!!
                  AWB on auto(unless you know otherwise).
                  also use apreture priority(AV with Canon).
                  Take a lot of photos on a sunny day go back home and examine,process them and see what works.
                  Keep it simple from the start then you can go for the more difficult shots.
                  Sit down at home with your camera and go through all the menus and sub menus and know what they do.
                  If it all gets to much find a good woman ,failing that go for a drink and then come back and try again another day


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                    here is one off my pictures please help


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                      Hey Sheffieldboy,

                      Firstly the above photo is of pretty good quality! With a few touches with photoshop to straighten it up and brighten it up, it makes a fine image.

                      I'm in the same shoes as you, having just started my hopefully long time sharing on the site but I'd like to think I know the photoshop basics.

                      Assuming you have photoshop (?), I took the following steps upon your photo above.

                      1) Rotated it 0.81 clockwise (based on the level of the ground in the background

                      2) Cropped the aircraft using 3;2 crop and sizing the image so the larger side is 1024 pixels long.

                      3) Adjusted the levels by bring the far left hand marker from 250 into 231, and the mid marker from 1.0 to 1.20. Every member will probably adjust the levels differently, however as along as the adjustment doesn't give the picture an awkward look, it should be ok.

                      4) Added more colour by adding +20 saturation to the picture.

                      5) Final step was to sharpen the picture. Again everybody will have their own method for sharpening, personally I sharpen using Unsharp Mask with settings (500, 0.2, 0).

                      The above steps might not make sense until you are more familar with photoshop assuming you have it. Also your original picture was at quite an angle when you took it thus getting a crop out of the picture was a bit hard, I just hope I havn't left the aircraft fuselage too low in the frame. My editting may not be perfect and the professionals should be able to give you some better info but hopefully my edit below will show you what the basics can do to enhance photos from your camera.

                      Good luck!


                      p.s. my edit could probably do with more sharpening!


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                        I would add that version.


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                          ^^^ So would I.
                          If it 'ain't broken........ Don't try to mend it !


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                            Cool, glad to have done something right. If need be Melvin, I can send you the edit to submit into the database if you want.



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                              Thank you lego guy for the offer but i would like to do my own edit and try to get some pics accepted