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Shots changing colour temp after upload

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  • Shots changing colour temp after upload

    I have had this problem only for the last dozen photos I've uploaded. In Photoshop, and Windows Viewer which I checked the edited shots in, the colours look about right / how I want them. After uploading to JP however, they usually look far bluer, a bit darker and slightly desaturated. It is related to my browser; any images opened in it will appear like this.

    I presume I should be editing according to my browser, not Photoshop, so any suggestions what I may have upset in my Photoshop configuration for this to happen?

    I am shooting RAW, converting to and exporting with sRGB colour profile, I was under the impression web images were usually sRGB.

    (yeah, I spell 'color' differently, more correctly some would say )

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    Have a look at this thread
    This is about the same problem.
    Some of the Site Administrators gives a explanation about the loss of quality after uploading


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      Cheers for that, I did happen to read that already actually, but my problem seems not to do with the website itself more browser vs. other apps. I'll do some research...


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        for anyone else who might stumble across this through the search feature:

        It is proof colours. For whatever reason, I have to set them to Monitor/RGB, then enable them (View > Proof Colours) every time I load an image, and the most annoying part is you can't do it in the RAW editor