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  • Is this qualified for upload?

    I am a newbie and recently uploading two pictures of the Kuwait Airforce aircrafts. However, I am not sure that they are qualified for upload. Could anyone please help me to judge it and suggest how to improve them to be qualified for upload in this forum.

    I am aslo wondering about the data information of these aircraft as it is new to the data base. If anyone knows these infor, please share with me so I can fill it in the fields when upload. Thank you very much

    KAF555 - Could anyone please share with me the information of this aircrart?

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    They are both very soft unfortunately.

    KAF555 is a Aérospatiale SA 330L Puma, cn 1284.


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      Thank you very much for your comment. Could you tell me in general the possibility to improve them. I also am wondering about the cn of the rest of these aircrafts. Thank you very much for sharing.


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        I also have problem to find information for Kuwait Apache AH-64 reg KAF008. Could anyone please help me to complete other fields when upload the image in Jetphotos. Thank you.

        Again, is this image good enough to be accepted in Jetphotos? I have tried my best however, lost my confident in posting any image in Jetphotos website after massive rejections from screeners. Thank you very much


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          The Apache is a bit far away and also soft.

          Try for aircraft information.


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            I am not very confident for my uploads as my rate of acceptance is very low. My photoshop skill has problem definitely.

            I am just finishing a re-touch of a new image. COuld anyone please help to judge whether it is good for upload in jetphoto website. Thank you so much in advance

            Thank you AJ. I have learn from your comments alots.


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              This one looks oversharpened, backlit, slightly blurry and lacks contrast.

              Id suggest you look at Jid's workflow, which is here:

              Dont worry mate, we all start somewhere.


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                Nice choppers man!
                Would love to see them in the database.