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  • rejected for Bad Motive


    The following photo was rejected for Bad Motive. Why???????

    In other words: when is a motive a bad motive?

    I had the following remarks: "The poor passenger sitting by these windows has a very bad view".

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    I would have given the same reject reason, I don't understand the purpose of this shot? I realize there are wheel shots and engine shots accepted but I just don't see a motive here?


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      Hello Dave,

      The motive is: that it is impossible to look through some of the windows.

      See my remark.


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        In all honesty: So what? Imagine, you want to browse a bokk about architecture photography (just as an example), do you expect buildings in all its glory and perfectly exposed or close up photos of dirty windows? As mentioned above, the photo doesn't tell a yota, which could be remotely interesting enough.
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          What a sulky reaction. What do you think of humor???

          You wrote: The photo doesn't tell a yota, which could be remotely interesting enough".

          Well in that case I have seen a lot of photos on JP which didn't tell a yota (including some of mine).
          For example: Nosewheels, landinggears, wingtips, waving pilots, tails, etc.

          So I still have no answer on my question: When is a motive a bad motive??


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            Does this help?

            3.4 Motive

            Means we are not sure what you are trying to show us with your picture, what is the motive for the shot? It can also mean that your picture is not sufficiently aviation related for us to accept.

            Window view shots must either be an overview of an airport or have a significant amount of the aircraft in view and be visually appealing, a wingtip plus a few clouds is not what we are looking for here.

            Be careful with airport views too, an overview of the front of an airport is usually ok but a picture of some random people in coffee bars is not.

            JetPhotos.Net Photo Upload Guidelines


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              A little bit. I see, at the moment, at the homepage of JP, top shots a photo of New York. A very nice photo. But what is the motive if this photo? I see no airplane.

              My rejected photo showed a part of an aircraft. I think that the purpose of JP is to collect aircraftphotos.

              So I quess it depends on the screener. A screener with a litttle bit sense of humor will see the photo in a different way then some other screener.

              Nevertheless rejections of bad motives are very vague.


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                I could start with "what a pig headed reaction", but let's drop it ....

                Exactly, we are looking for aviation photos. We want to see photos showing aviation specific subjects. You compare a dirty window with landing gears. Why is it, that we get several photos showing gears but probably one every few years featuring a dirty window?

                There are borderline photos, which will be screened differently by different screeners. That's human. Your shot however is a 100% clear case.

                And yes, I agree, the New York shot could also have been rejected, as it doesn't show much wing. But insted of picking a borderline shot, compare yourself to shots, which are really above any standard. Just a tip ...
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                  Originally posted by LX-A343 View Post
                  I could start with "what a pig headed reaction", but let's drop it ....
                  Never..not you Gerardo I jest of course.
                  Getting back to the thread,Paul this is not even borderline motive rejection sure some close ups of nose gear and engines are up there and do well but in my eyes they are are for the most excellent shots and well taken.The closest to your rejection in terms of motive are very unusual in the sense of excellent light,texture and angle if you get my meaning.
                  Unusual motives are always risky but fair play to you for the attempt this time it did not do the trick.That is not to say for a similar shot in the future you would not be just needs that someting special


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                    OK. Let's stop the discussion.

                    I'll take my loss.