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    Originally posted by tomas_cubero View Post
    I completely agree with you, as I've said, some rejections are easily enough fixed and instead of making us go through the entire process of reuploading a shot,
    As you write further down. Avoid the silly mistakes when filling out the forms and you dont have to go through the entire process. Its the uploaders responsibility to provide correct data.

    Originally posted by tomas_cubero View Post
    having a higher acceptance ratio overall for the shots.
    Again if you are after a higher acceptance ration avoid the silly mistakes when filling out the forms.

    Originally posted by tomas_cubero View Post
    It also has caught my attention that when I have uploaded mistaken dates, a screener picks up a sequence and rejects it for bad date, then a few hours later, a different screener accepts it, making it seem bad date rejections are not standardized as a rejection reason.
    Well, some uploaders make errors when filling out the forms, some screeners make errors during screening. Its no secret and its only human. Errors can only happen where work is done.


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      There will not be a quick way back into the top of the queue for bad info rejects, simply because this is the easiest to avoid rejection.

      You can correct the info until the pic enters the screening process. And you can do so without giving up your slot in the queue. You can not do this for an new edit of your up-load.


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        Just a tip, an idea, a suggestion, absolutely personal and in no way reflecting JPs view:

        All here are suggesting, that JPnet should change the upload procedure, so that easy fixes like categories and infos can be re-uploaded and above all screened faster. Why not try the following: Change your upload procedure.

        The only thing which you have to add to your process is to check the photos in the queue. The queue is set up exactly for that purpose. You can check the photos, change infos and category and even delete photos and upload better versions.

        I do it all the time. Knowing, tha the photos will be in the queue for at least 5-7 days, I check my queue one day after the upload.

        Again, just an idea.

        As a JPnet crew member: everything, which we make easier for the regular uploader is bound to be misused by some serial offenders. So, as JPnet crew member I am against easening this re-upload process.
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          There are around 1.4m pics in the database.

          Add in an average 42% rejections ( average acceptance of 58 % ), and that comes to a total of around 1.9m uploads.

          Since records began (searching all screeners, date range = all, reject reason = bad info ) there have been 2635 rejections for bad info ( includes date, registration, c/n, genre, location, airline and aircraft ). This figure reflects pictures that were rejected for bad info only and no other secondary reason.

          This equates to around 0.125% of total uploads......

          ....which means that 99.875 % did not include bad info.

          Based on these, admittedly quickly produced and therefore probably not 100% accurate statistics, who do you think should be looking at adjusting their upload procedure ?
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