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  • Help with rejection please!

    Hi all

    Please can you help with this one, as I am struggling to get this shot accepted!

    I arrived at Netherthorpe and as I pulled up at the side of the road the aircraft came flying along the adjacent field only a few feet above the ground. It climbed to go over the road and then touched down the other side.

    I grabbed the camera and took a series of shots, the best being the one I submitted.

    First one:

    Was rejected for blurry. To be honest, I thought it wasn't perfect and was half expecting a rejection. I appealed and it was rejected.

    I used a Smart Sharpen on the photo and submitted it again, but this time it was rejected for multiple reasons:

    Rejected for:

    - Bad Composition (bad framing / aircraft not centered)
    - Blurry
    - Undersharpened (Soft)

    I can see the first one as it's cropped slightly different to the others. I think the first one, but with a sharper reg, would be better.

    Can this photo be salvaged at all? I really like it and it's the first time I've ever captured such a unique shot - very rarely are aircraft quite that low at this location.

    Any advice gratefully received

    (attached the two rejected shots in case the links run out!)


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    Nice action shot! I think you did a good job editing it with with the colors and levels looking quite OK. But the aircraft is really blurry and I don't think the picture can be rescued for the DB.

    Still, a very nice and rare shot.



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      Thanks for confirming this Diezel.

      Looks like this is one for the personal collection then!

      Still, doesn't make me any less pleased with the shot, still one of my favourites even if not JP-worthy



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        Personally I think it's a fantastic shot! Well done
        "And suddenly I realized that I was no longer driving the car consciously. I was driving it by a kind of instinct, only I was in a different dimension." Senna, Ayrton.


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          Unfortunately sometimes the unexpected great shot, and this is one of them, doesn't quite come out as good as you'd like.

          10/10 for spotting the opportunity though, that kind of an eye is what gets you the once in a lifetime "Hey national media, what will you pay for this ?" kind of shot.
          If it 'ain't broken........ Don't try to mend it !


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            Really a very nice shot.
            But indeed it is blurry which is bad luck mate.
            Better next time?
            That is if you ever get a chance like that again.