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Over Processed/Bad Post Processing

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  • Over Processed/Bad Post Processing

    I don't understand what was the problem. I very rarely do anything more than color balance, and a quick smart sharpen. These were rejected for "Overprocessed/Bad post processing" I don't understand what's wrong with the processing with these:

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    Did you use the shadow/highlight tool. There are strong halos around parts of the aircraft. The first one for example as a strong dark halo along the upper side of the front fuselage.


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      You will be able to see the halo's better if you equalize the picture in Photoshop or so. It is as if the plane casts a shadow on the sky.

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        I don't use highlight/shadow. Only curves, and the RAW edit tools in CS3. Will try it again.


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          Do you have any kind of in-camera image enhancement set or used in your Canon. I only say so because those haloes look just like the effect I got when I used Nikon "D Lighting".

          To avoid haloes otherwise, use a background layer, process the aircraft and then delete the background layer and flatten. This will delete any haloes that may have been introduced in your processing. This works well with pics such as your first two which are surrounded by sky but it will be a little more difficult with the third shot which has a ground background as well.
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            Also make sure you remove the countless dust spots!
            Nice pictures though. I was once at KLAX and I know you can make excellent pictures there.