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Who has expirance with editing in SilkyPix?

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  • Who has expirance with editing in SilkyPix?

    I have done some playing around with SilkyPix 3.0 which in my opinion (I know also another spotter Mr.H agrees) is a wonderfull editing program when you edit RAW files.
    I'm just curious if anyone out here is using this program too and if yes what is your opinion about it.

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    I've been using it since a week and it's a gift for me! Editing goes so much easier and suddenly I had tons of pictures accepted

    I am also curious what other users think, if there are other users.


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      Hmmm I will have to take a look at it too ( If its freeware )


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        WTF is SilkyPics????

        .... and as always: I have to try it. I can't resist. DAMN!!!!
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          What is SilkyPix?

          Silkypix Studio 3.0 (official name), is one of the (still unknown) programs for editing RAW files.
          It is developed by a Japanese company (Ichikawa Soft Labaratory).
          You can easaly edit your RAW files and finetune your pics.
          I usealy check after editing with Elements 5 (also remove dustspots etc.).

          In my opinion it is a wonderfull program when you are used to it.

          Link for the dutch (speeking) people:

          For the rest of us, just Google: Silkypix
          There's a lot to find abot it.

          And yes; you can download it .


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            What is SilkyPix? 2

            Sorry, the link =: