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Should I change my workflow?

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  • Should I change my workflow?


    I have just upgraded my system and have gone from a 17" CRT monitor at 1024x768 pixels to a 22" LCD set to 1920x1080 pixels, what would be the best way to edit given my larger resolution? I normally level the image, crop, remove CMOS dust and then resize to 1024 before making any changes to levels, saturation and sharpening.

    I don't know what resolution screeners use and if they use a lower resolution than I do they may pick up discrepancies that I would miss at 1920 pixels.

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    I wouldn't change your workflow at all as long as it has worked for you so far. I think you'll find that your pics will actually improve as the new monitor is likely going to show a finer level of contrast at least.

    I recently changed from an old LG CRT 19" to a Samsung 22" wide screen LCD. The difference is remarkable, so much so that I'm considering reprocessing some of my older pics and reuploading them as replacements.

    During screening I have found that discrepancies often become more obvious compared to the old CRT and find myself "toning down" my screening decision sometimes.
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      Work as you did before - when I upgraded to a Samsung LCD also, I started to experiement with a few different ways and methods. As the screens are so great, you'll notice improvements between now and your older stuff and you can adjust according. Also, make sure you run a calibration tool on your new screen. It makes a massive difference. Good luck with it.