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  • A Quick Question About Screeners...

    Do you guys, while screening someone's shots, have the ability to change/edit upload info such as genre and or c/n? Honesty is very much appreciated as I think something fishy is happening. Thanks!!

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    Yes, as often mentioned in this forum, we can change infos and categories. We do it some times, but usually we reject for wrong infos/categories.

    Why your question?
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      Honestly ?

      Yes, we can change genre, add/correct c/n, add/correct reg'n. and add/correct category. We can also edit or delete photographers comments. I sometimes correct a spelling mistake and if the photographer comments are rude, abusive or inappropriate then we can modify or delete.

      We cannot...change a date, change the airline, location or ICAO code.

      Not too sure where this thread is going but let's be clear about one thing here....

      While we can add, change or delete data it remains the photographers responsibility to get it right in the first place. If you forget to add small prop and the picture is otherwise perfect then I'll probably add it for you and accept the pic....but I don't HAVE to. If you forget to add small prop and the picture has other errors then sure as God made little eggs, it'll get a rejection.

      There are some errors that the screeners rules say we MUST reject for, even then we'll sometimes bend the rules but again...we don't HAVE to.

      Time for you to be honest now...what happened ?
      If it 'ain't broken........ Don't try to mend it !


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        Thanks for the honest replies guys. As for what it is. I had a couple of rejections this morning for bad info on c/n and genre. The first thing I thought was weird was that the rejections didn't show up in my upload queue stats, but that could just be a seperate thing. Now for the info, at first I thought I skipped the steps, cursed at myself, and re-uploaded. As I began to fill out the fields, my firefox REMEMBERED the exact information and auto completed it for me. How could that happen if I never inputted it in the first place? I'm not some kind of foil hat wearing conspiracy theorist pissing and moaning over every rejection, especially one as careless for myself as a bad info rejection, but some things aren't adding up. Couple that with a "history" with one of your screeners, and now I have one of those things that make you go "Hmmm", and I honestly hope I'm wrong as I would be extremely surprised if that person did such a thing and I would be equally as shocked that this site would allow it. If it is at all possible, may I find out who screened these?

        Even an answer in PM would be great, as if it is what I suspect, I'd like to bring it to Chris.

        Thanks again gents!


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          You linked twice to the same photo.

          Please send me a PM with the name of the screener, who you have a problem with. Perhaps it's solved within a minute.

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            Ah, I need my coffee! PM sent!


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              First off all 2 screeners screened your pics. Both decided the same.

              As far as I can see you left the cn field empty, while we do have the cn in our databse with all recently accepted pics of that plane having the correct cn in place. In that case a rejection is 100% correct.

              One remark to the original question, as we see this question quite often. It is impossible to change any info in the appeal process.


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                Perhaps I can shed some light upon this. Upon entering thhis particular aircraft registration and the airport 4 letter ID into the auto fill boxes and hitting the auto-fill button, the cn box remains blank further down the page and this can be easily over looked if it is expected that auto-fill is responsible for filling it.

                I had the same problem recently with a rejection for an aircaft missing the CN number and it turned out the auto-fill had left the box blank.


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                  Generally if the CN is in the DB, and not included then I reject it. It only takes a few seconds to look to see if its in our DB. If we don't have it, and I know where to find it, I'll help by letting them know. If it was a complicated find, then I'll include it. You can often tell who has tried and who hasn't. A note is a good way to start. Also, Google does some wonderful things these days....


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                    Sorry to disappoint you Kenny but I didn't screen these. I don't have an issue with saying the "history" you refer to is clearly with me..however that history is certainly not and was never with this site, I'm not petty to bring disagreements from other websites over here. Your shots as well as the members of your spotting group's shots have always been screened fairly when they've come across my screen. I think your Ethiad A340-600 shot is proof of that. So that hat of yours may indeed be made of tin foil mate.


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                      The simple answer here is.....

                      ....YOU ! , ( and I don't mean a particular individual ), the photographer are responsible for checking that all the relevent information has been correctly entered during the upload procedure !

                      Don't worry, I make the same cockup myself now and again !!

                      ....and I bloody "work" here !!

                      If it 'ain't broken........ Don't try to mend it !