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Sharpening using PS Elements7

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  • Sharpening using PS Elements7

    Hi there,
    Excuse me as I know this info was in another thread somewhere, but I couldnt find it.....
    I have just installed PSE 7 and am practising the sharpening tool. I have used settings on my previous CS but for the life of me can not remember what they were..I thought that it was 100% for amount, 2.0 for radius (not sure for threshold).
    My PSE 7 guide suggests 130-180%, 1.0 - 1.5 and 3-6 for radius...I had a quick try at these settings and it seemed WAY too much.

    I have just uploaded this photo;

    I will wait and see if it gets accepted, I didnt use the above settings on this one but does anyone have a base setting for Unsharp Mask that would be usefull??


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    First of all, you photo in the queue shows some considerable jaggies on the belly behind the wing. I though, I give you a hint.

    I use different USM settings, as for example:
    50 / 0.3 / 5 (1 or more passes)
    50 / 0.5 / 5 (1 or more passes)
    150 / 0.3 / 5 (1 or more passes)
    250 / 0.2 / 5 (1 or more passes)

    As you see, I play with amount and radius, depending on the photo.

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      Another interesting topic about sharpening!

      If a photo comes quite sharp out of the camera; an amount of 50 and radius 0,4 is just enough for me (or even to much) , while I have set my treshold on 0.
      But to be honest; this is all after a long time experience with my actual camera-settings, but I have no idea what radius and treshold really are ment to be

      Maybe one of our experienced screeners will shine a light on this terms, as I think I am not the only one with this question?!




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        I forgot to mention, that I don't use any sharpening when converting the photo from RAW to JPG or TIFF. My settings can't probably be used, if you use some sort of in-camera sharpening.

        I set the treshold to 5 also after some experiencing. I don't want single dots to be sharpened.

        I hope, I was an experienced enough screener
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          Thanks for your replies,
          I will have a play around and see what things turn out like.