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  • Oversaturated ?

    Hello !

    Recently I got three several rejections for "way oversaturated". I appealed the first one and it got accepted (maybe because it was an inaugural flight picture). But I'd like to know if I should appeal these two as I've never got rejections for that reason (or very rarely) and I surely didn't change the contrast settings (set on auto) on my camera. Even on PS, I don't touch the saturation and I don't think that my pictures that are already on the database are less saturated. Do you think these two pictures are "way oversaturated" ?

    For the little story, the two pictures went through on another site and I even got a publication request for the Airfrance from a german newspaper.

    Anyway I have the intuition it is the same screener who rejected the 3 pictures and I'd like to understand as it's been a long time since I haven't received an "all red" screening result e-mail and jeeez, that's frustrating

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    Hi Mathias,
    Hope you're doing great and thanks for using the forums to look for answers.

    So always that blue cast bothering you right ? I don't know exactly what causes it but 2 little things
    - Set all your camera setting to 0, no adding contrast or colours there, you can do everything with PS.
    - Keep an eye on those blue colours and if needed you can easly remove some saturation on the blues again with PS.

    To show you why those pics seem to have a colour problem I've checked days where we were a few spotting the same plane here in GVA. As an example I've found that 321 CSA.




    and yours

    I'm not saying those pics are better than yours but... have a look at the sky. In your picture it doesn't look natural compared to the other. sure it looks nice and very blue but we don't get that kind of sky. Most of the time the sky is a little bit grey somehow even in the best days.

    Here are 2 other shots




    I was there that day, and even if had a lot of fun the sky was far from looking that great.

    So don't get me wrong, your shots are good, just think you got to go easy with the saturation.

    Contact me via PM or msn for some more help if needed.



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      Thanks a lot Alex ! I see perfectly your point now. I guess I'll have to desaturate my pics on PS because all the paramaters on my camera are set on auto and so much the worse for my optimistic way of seeing the sky in GVA

      Hope to see you around !


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        Hi Mathias,

        Actually, it was different screeners involved. I had nothing to do with the AF shot but I rejected the BA shot for the reasons that Alex outlines. The reds and blues are way too vivid for the BA colours as they are in reality.

        I left you a note in the rejection mail advising you to set your in-camera contrast setting to normal. Screener comments are easy to miss but it's worthwhile checking the reject emails for any comment towards the end of the mail. I personally very often leave an advisory note.
        If it 'ain't broken........ Don't try to mend it !