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Bad Motive? Opinions Please

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  • Bad Motive? Opinions Please

    Evening All,

    Uploaded this shot but having 2nd thoughts as to whether it might be 'bad motive'.

    Please can anyone (particularly a screener) give their opinion?

    Many thanks in advance.


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    Ooooo... Camera friend!

    Personally I wouldn't upload that as I'd expect a Bad Motive rejection. Essentially the word 'motive', means what you're trying to show and how you're trying to show it. The subject here is the winglet; that's your reason for taking the shot and that's what you're trying to show, but I don't think how you've shown it is really in context with aviation, and by that I mean this is the kind of angle I'd use for an upload to Flickr, but not here. I think a better way of showing the winglets (and a way to put them more in context with the aircraft) would be to show more of the aircraft itself somehow (a close crop of the front as the aircraft is moving away from you with the winglet nice and big in the frame perhaps?). This shot shows the winglets but it feels as though something of a little more significance should be in there as well; such a close crop of the winglet on its own doesn't really give it enough of an 'aviation' feel for me personally. That's just an opinion though of course, the screeners have the final word!

    Hope that makes sense mate. I'll give you a quick bell later on.

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      Nothing to add to Paul's comment ... just "perfect explanation!!"

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        ^^^ Ditto Gerardo.

        Also, the little girl and adult female draw your eye away from the winglet. Your eyes start to flit between the two.

        Nice to see someone thinking outside of the box though. Keep trying.
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          Thanks for the opinions chaps, I'll remove it from the queue. I was hoping to make it a tight crop including the entire wing, engine and undercarriage but when I equalized the shot I spotted a bit of pesky barbed-wire fence that was crossing one of the tyres! Not to worry, I'll just have to go back and try it again