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    This photo has being rejected for similiar

    The photo is has being classed as similiar is this
    EI-DYR. Boeing 737-8AS. is the biggest database of aviation photographs with over 5 million screened photos online!

    Even though the following differences
    Flight Phase
    Reverser deployed in one
    Different Background

    The only thing that is similiar is the registration
    Can someone please clear this up.

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    The difference in angle is verys minor and that is what counts.


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      The flight phase is different, but visually, the only difference is "only" the open thrust reverser. The angle and the cropping are almost the same, the background is also very similar.

      Hope this helps to clear it up.
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        i have also a problem with this rejected picture. --> Similar

        This picture was rejected

        And this one is on jetphotos

        But these are completely different. The engines aren't running, the angle, the background. A standing aircraft isn't similar to a moving plane, isn't it?


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          Originally posted by Flyspotter View Post
          But these are completely different.
          I have to agree! In no way are they similar beyond it being the same aircraft and I'd also like to hear why it was rejected on the grounds of being similar!

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            I would guess because there is another one in the db already, which makes the rejected one kind of an "in between those 2" shot.



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              I was the first one to vote on it - and given you have 2 shots of the same aircraft on the same day already on the d/b, a third really needs to be something different. The angle of the shots you linked is almost identical.

              This is why you need to be selective in what you upload - With 2 shots already up from the same day, anything else needs to be substantially different.
              For example a landing shot and a take off shot already on - then another shot needs to be either some kind of close up, or a taxi shot from a very different angle.

              We have to draw the line somewhere, in this particular case I felt that the similarity of the two shots was very clear.
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