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Need Some Help (mostly jpeg compression)

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  • Need Some Help (mostly jpeg compression)

    Well I got these 4 photos I really want on JP here, but I uploaded them and the quality is a little worse than the original, I haven't edit anything but the pics look fine and good quality enough for me. I believe it is compression and jpeg artefacts but what do I do with this. I will post the originals second and the queued one second. At the same time, i'll give the orignal of an AC 321 pic that got rejected too, it is a good photo but when I queued it it become worse quality.
    Thanks you (originals are attached)
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    Both the originals and the queued ones are showing compression in the titles and around windows etc. Have you changed any camera settings, particularly the image quality settings, lately ? Check anyway as sometimes you can inadvertently change something on the camera.
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      I'm seeing the same compression in the originals as the versions on JP. When you reduce the quality in camera it tends not to compress quite that bad, at least no digital camera I've ever had has done so. What exactly do you do with the photos once you've taken them? What process do you use to get them off your camera and store/edit them?

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