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display teams are no special scheme!!

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    And Paul, you haven't been entirely honest with us in this thread.

    Brian I was honest. When I wrote my first thread there were three photos of the Red Arrows rejected. The third one was the reason I started this thread, because te rejection reason for this photo was: wrong category.

    I appealed this photo and my appeal was accepted. It is this photo Photo ID: 6626480

    But in the meantime I had already started this thread without knowing the photo was accepeted after my appeal.


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      This shot...


      ...was indeed accepted on appeal, there are no other rejection reasons...but with the following appeal screeners' comment...
      Correct rejection, but there have been plenty similar shots been rejected with Special Scheme lately, so I will just add this one to the list that needs correction yes, it was accepted but will be having the special scheme tag removed. Your other two shots had another rejection reason for you to attend to.
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        I did not read this. The appeal screeners' comment...

        It was not in the e-mail I receieved.

        The other two.... I did not appeal just because of the other rejection reasons.


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          Perhaps reading my posts would not be a bad idea.

          Originally posted by seahawk View Post
          And because of that I accepted the appeal and asked an admin to remove the wrong category. Clicking "reject" on the appeal would have been much less work for the team.


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            OK, Brian and Stefan I have learned my lesson and in the future I shall never again a displayteam given a special scheme.

            Thank you for the discussion.

            I have several photos in the queu of dislpayteams
            I have removed al the the special scheme tags.