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  • No features to compare horizon

    I took this image in a Polish war museum. The exhibit is on a gentle slope and has been rejected, and even after appeal was rejected.

    I used the wheel support as a reference for vertical as there are no other verticals in the shot. The lampost is not vertical and appears like this in many shots with other vertical references.

    Not sure how to proceed with this, the appeal screener didnt make any comments, just rejected it.

    In photoshop i dragged a guide up to the central wheel support and it actually is 90' vertcial

    Ideas anyone?


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    A little ccw seems to be needed. I find it very hard to judge though.


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      Thanks for your comments.

      I zoomed in on the support and applied 1' of CCW and now the whole image has no verticals at all.....

      I reckon this is just "one of those images to forget".

      Thanks for comments



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        1 CCW is clealry too much. 0,25 perhaps.


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          I would say 0,25 CCW, after checking in the ediitng software I have at work.


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            resubmittted after 0.01 ccw rotation



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              Go back to the first image you posted and give it 0.75 of CCW. I applied that to the central main gear support bar. That about gets it right for me.

              It is a difficult one because the available verticals are so short. One trick to try is to expand to 300%, choose a vertical and draw a longer line through it, basically extend the vertical to a more easily measured line. Then use the ruler tool to determine the rotation.
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