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How do i get this on JP

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  • How do i get this on JP

    I know this sounds like a dumb question, but I have had an image rejected a few weeks ago for Bad Info: Airline,Remarks - Bad motive

    This is the image

    It has since been deleted from the rejected section, hence just the image is visible. I uploaded it as a spotting location EGLL thinking that the image reflected a location as opposed to an actual aircraft. Thinking if i uploaded it as an aircraft it would get rejected as too small in frame

    If I upload it as the a/c details i.e. G-YMMF is this an acceptable image?

    Many thanks for your time and hopefully screeners advice

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    Going on my past experiences with similar shots I'm not sure it will be acceptable at all. The general requirement for a spotting location shot seems to be that it has to show something that's very much a part of the airport itself, whereas this (and the very similar shot I had rejected) doesn't. Although anyone familiar with Myrtle knows exactly where it is, it's still a photo of a plane over a random field and doesn't really give any clues that it's right next to a specific airport.

    The screeners will be able to give you a better explanation but that's how I understand it.

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      Thanks for your reply Paul, on that basis would that not make this picture
      under the same category

      "more field than airport"

      Under 09L.. EGLL. Airport. is the biggest database of aviation photographs with over 5 million screened photos online!

      Im not sure myself, thats why I



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        Take a look at this link for the latest information regarding spotting location, paying particular attention to item 3.4.2.

        Generally speaking, yes... we require some of the airport in view. Technically you have done that as the fence on the far left over the road is the boundary fence but unless you've been to Myrtle you wouldn't know that. I know Myrtle Avenue very well and know that if you include a large chunk of the airport from that location you will misrepresent the type of shot that can be had from there. In your case I would add a GoogleEarth GPS location along with a comment like "The famous Myrtle Avenue field, just over the road from Hatton Cross rail station" which would identify exactly where you are. I would also add a comment to screeners as to why you have shown that angle of view. The aircraft in your shot would better if it was in focus. Remember that a spotting location is essentially a landscape photograph....and good landscape shots need a good depth of field.

        The other shot should also have a GPS location given. It's actually an interesting one for me as I didn't know you could get there. I do my 09L spotting from the next field in front of the location shown and it gets a bit close sometimes.

        And now it's "naughty boy" time !!

        Using someone else's shots to illustrate a fault is not considered polite but I'll only take away 5 brownie points instead of the usual 50 as it showed me another possible photography site. Consider your wrist slapped.
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          My apologies, my last intention in this thread was to offend anyone, or use someone elses work to illustrate an error. I was merely using the illustration to clarify exactly what should be shown in a spotting location. There are a number of images on Jetphotos that, based on these rules dont "quite" meet the criteria, but I certainly dont want to upset anyone.

          Can I ask your personal advice then, is it worth uploading, or am I clutching at straws. If so, how do i do it as not to cause a rejection for bad info etc...




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            Any other crew comments on if this could be acceptable and how to upload it ?
            If it 'ain't broken........ Don't try to mend it !


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              The photo in the original post is very similar to the shot mentioned by Paul. It has been rejected back then for the same reason as I would reject this one. It doesn't show enough airport to be qualified as spotting location.
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                Thank you all for your advice and assistance.



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                  While on topic (and I remember asking this before but can't remember exactly where it is in the forum ), some airports have spotting locations where it's impossible to have part of the airport visible in the shot. But at the same time, it is a spotting location (in fact, it is the only spotting location for that particular airport/rwy). Would such a pic be accepted with the proper explanation given in the screeners' comment box?


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