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  • Grab-bar of rejections

    I have just uploaded a series of photos that have come back rejected, and am unsure of some of the reasons.

    Most of them came back for being undersharpened, I always seem to verge on the side of too little rather than too much. (I have the same issue over at I have also noticed over here you need to follow something between the 4:3 or 3:2 ratios to the letter, I didn't realise that until my shots came back. Some of the shots had excessive noise as a reason, that isn't too hard to fix either now I have had it pointed out.

    However these are the shots I am stuck on:

    - Bad Info in the following field(s): Airline,Aircraft,Registration,Serial Number/CN: I have checked online, all 4 regos are correct and belonged to the airline, airline is correct, the serial was done via autofill. Are they complaining about the shorthand I used in the remarks?

    - Subject too far / too much dead space
    : it is a shot of 4 planes lined up on the ramp, not a photo of a single plane, if I wanted that I would have croppped tighter. Is there much a I can do.

    - Categories wrong or missing: it was 8 days ago that I uploaded it, does so I can't remember if I added the special scheme category - should it be there?

    - Bad Info in the following field(s): Airline: I had it down as "Terminal", should be be airport overview?

    - Bad Info in the following field(s): Serial Number/CN
    : again I autofilled the details, a Google suggests it is cn 3296.

    - Bad Composition (bad framing / aircraft not centered): I assume I need to crop in really tight to the plane and get rid of any of the background?

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    Lets take them in order:-

    #1 - Should be uploaded as a Ramp shot. The too far was just to say that the rego of the aircraft indicated was too far away.

    #2 - Yes, Special Scheme.

    #3 - Should be uploaded as a Ramp shot.

    #4 - Serial is 3296. You uploaded as 2096.

    #5 - In all the cases of these pics, the plane was too low in the frame. You need to frame it a bit higher.

    Hope this helps