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Need help in explaining why my picture was rejected

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  • Need help in explaining why my picture was rejected

    I have this picture rejected due to the over processed. Could anyone please help me explain what happened to my photo so I can learn from this mistake. Thank you very much.

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    Hi Gearphoto,

    This was essentially rejected due to the fact the processing you used has created quite a pronounced halo around the aircraft. It isn't massively obvious in the original:

    But when viewed equalised the halo is very evident. There's also a rather odd dark bit above the aircraft, possibly the result of using the burn tool to lessen the effects of a reflection?

    Halos like this are often the result of using the nasty Shadow/Highlight tool in Photoshop, and it frequently brings a healthy dose of JPEG compression in the form of posterizing with it as well! How did you edit this one?

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      thank you for your comment and explaination. Actually I am not good as photoshop so i did not use any tools as you mentioned. I just followed the instruction of jidd photoshop flows to edit my photo. I didnot know how this problem was created. It is probably i applied too many curve tools to adjust my photo.

      I will reedit the photo and see how it goes. Thank you very much

      WHat did I do wrong for photo editing. Basically, I do following steps:

      1. Check and clean the dust spot in the photo

      2. Adjust levering

      3. Adjust Sartuation

      4. Lighten the dark areas by doing following click the chanel, hold Control while click the RGB chanel to select the dark part, then select inversion... then adjust the curves to lighten the dark areas of the photo.

      I am wondering about this step as it seems to be the highlight/ shadow tool as you mentioned. Please don't laugh at me, as I follow mechanically the instruction in jidd website.

      5. Adjust constrast

      6. Resize

      7. Sharpen

      Could you please suggest me why i may do wrong in the photo editing sequence??

      I would appreciate very much for your help.
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        Did you use Nikon "D Lighting" in camera ?...because that causes the classic dark halo seen above the cockpit.
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          Please don't laugh at me. I don't know what it is? I use D90 and if it is set by default on my camera, probably I have been used it, otherwise, I have changed any setting in my camera intentionally.

          I will find out whether this function has been activated. Anyway, thank you very much for your help.

          By the way, I would like to seek for your advice on whether the step 4 in my sequence of editing photo is the shadow/highlight tool that you have mentioned. Is it the cause for my problem. Thank you.


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            I have same problem with 4 recently rejected photos. I am so depressed about this as I don't know what have done wrong. Anyway, thank you very much for your comments. I will try to reedit them and check halo problem by equalising the photo after finishing the edit.


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              Gearphoto... Don't ever be depressed at little problems like this! That's all they are; little problems that can be sorted in time. We all have them and although they can be frustrating at times, they're all a part of the photography learning curve. The fact you're aware of a problem will make you a better photographer in the long run.

              If you want to email me the original version of the first rejection you posted in this thread (i.e. the shot as it came from your camera) to [email protected] I'll do a quick edit and explain step by step the process I went through, avoiding the use of tools that give the halo effects you're seeing. Hopefully a similar process can be used for the majority of your shots and this little problem will be gone!

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                If you check for halos by equalising at the end of processing...then it's too late ! You won't be able to remove the haloes.

                Follow this link to get an explanation of D lighting on the D90.

                I would stab a guess that you have active d lighting enabled on your camera. Switch this off and more d lighting haloes.
                If it 'ain't broken........ Don't try to mend it !


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                  Thank you all for your comments and encouragement. I am now losing my confidence in editing photo and submission to JP. However, I think I can learn and improve my skill from your comments and helps very much.

                  To Brianw999: I have checked my camera and found that the Active D-lighting has been set as Auto mode. This may be one of the causes for the halos as you mentioned. Thank you for your suggesstion. I am eager to go to airport to take a serie of new photo to see if this helps.

                  To Paul: Thank you for your encouragement. I have sent you my original photo to your email. I hope you could spare some times to show me some techniques to improve my photo editing skill. Many thanks in advance.

                  I have one question about the halos. If I find a halo problem in the original picture by viewing at equalising mode, can it be fixed by photoshop or I have to choose other photo? thank you.
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                    I know of now workable way to reduce a halo.


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                      Originally posted by seahawk View Post
                      I know of now workable way to reduce a halo.
                      Shoot in RAW (unless you're using a Nikon, then all bets are off ). However, one must do this before taking the pictures. If in doubt, shoot RAW+JPEG and sort the stuff later on. That way, you have the maximum flexibility, albeit at the cost of some memory.


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                        Simple tips for Nikon use...( and any other digital camera for that matter )

                        Make sure "D lighting" is "off"

                        Shoot in RAW. If you are using photoshop there seems to me to be little reason to shoot RAW-jpeg. It only uses more storage space.

                        Set white balance to "Auto" (you have yours set to manual)

                        Set all options for...

                        sharpening = normal.
                        colour = normal.
                        metering = centre weighted.
                        colour space = sRGB (make sure that Photoshop is also set to sRGB)
                        contrast = normal.
                        saturation = normal.
                        sharpening = normal.

                        On my D80's I set exposure to
                        -0.7 EV for bright sun.
                        -0.3 EV for cloudy sun.
                        0 EV for bright cloud.

                        These settings allow for the retention of detail without burning out highlights.....
                        ......with the proviso that early on in the shooting day and at regular intervals thereafter I check the histogram in the preview screen to make sure that it's not going horribly wrong.

                        With the above settings I find that I use minimal processing features in Photoshop to get an uploadable image.
                        If it 'ain't broken........ Don't try to mend it !


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                          Thank you very much for your advice. I have just had 8 rejected photos out of 10 uploaded photos just because of overprocessed/bad processed. I guest they are mostly due to the Camera set up.

                          I appreciate these advices, as I have learned all my skill very intuitively so some time I don;t know what I have done wrong. I also hesitate to use this forum as my English is not good as well. This helps me to step by step understanding further the skill of aviation photography...

                          I am now eager to go to airport and have few shots for upload again, not pesimistic as before. Thank you...


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                            Originally posted by gearphoto View Post
                            I am now eager to go to airport and have few shots for upload again, not pesimistic as before.
                            Glad to hear it! Just give it a little time and you'll be improving quicker than you think, and when you do start to see the improvements you'll look back on these rejections and little problems and see all the frustration was easily worth it.

                            Seeing the world with a 3:2 aspect ratio...

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