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CMOS Dust spots Rejection?? What?

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  • CMOS Dust spots Rejection?? What?

    Again I have had a flurry of shots rejected because of so called dust spots. I know that my Nikon isn't exactly as clean as it was when it was out of the box but getting rejections for photos in which you cannot even see dust spots baffles me even with the contrast up so you can clearly see them.

    Here are the shots here:

    I found this really dissapointing....and even when I couldnt see them with a reallly good look (and contrast up) I was like

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    Hi Ben,

    You have very nice shots.
    On my monitor the spots are visible without equalize.
    If you can't seem them you can try to calibrate your monitor, maybe it helps.
    The New Zealand 744 is very easy to fix.
    The Korean and the NZ 767 will be a lot difficulter to fix.


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      I'm at work using an crappy CRT monitor and I can clearly see the dust spots in the sky. Ben regardless if you can't see them you still need to check for dust in your work flow and remove the dust. Honestly its a rather poor excuse to say "I can't see them." Often times I can't see dust on my shots but when I equalize them, there they are, and depending on who looks at your pic they may very well see them to. Checking and removing dust is a key part of the work flow and seeing how much dust you have on these shots tells me you skip that part.


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        Thanks guys, I have added this to my workflow now. Plus I will send my camera off for a clean.

        Very annoying part of SLRs!