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  • Hope someone can teach me

    I just received my newest rejections. I received too many rejection before, but I still can't reach the standard of Jetphotos, I hope someone would teach me about it.
    This time I would like to ask about blurry and Soft.

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    The problem is the tail. As you can see it is not sharp and does look blurry. I see that you are using a Fuji Finepix. So imho there are 2 possible reasons.

    1. The AF did not focus correctly and in combination with the F5,4 aperature the tail is out of focus.
    2. The shutter speed of 1/512 was a little too slow, as I know from experience that it is hard to hold a compact cam steady.

    If you can, start with taxiing and parked planes on a sunny day and work from there. If you can get them accpeted on a regular basis, go to approach shots in sunny weather and then maybe approach shots in such cloudy and grey conditions.

    I would also suggest to turn in camera sharpening down and do the sharpening during the editing process. I also would try out different options for the camera AF settings. Say AF area mode to centre.