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Request for advice with rejected photo

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  • Request for advice with rejected photo


    I had this photo rejected:

    Reasons were this:

    - Undersharpened (Soft)
    - Too much or too little contrast
    - Bad Info in the following field(s): Registration

    Unfortunately when I am processing my photos I always sharpen them, but I hardly see any difference, so I don't know how much to sharpen it and I could use some advice on what to look at to understand the sharpening process.

    Also the description too much or too little contrast doesn't really say me much. How do I know whether it is too much or too little?

    I also am not sure about the registration here, the Red Arrows all have XX- with 3 numbers, but since I do not have the full registration of each of these Hawks I only entered XX- in the registration field. What would be the best thing to do if this is not good?



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    1. Bad info

    You entered XX- into the reg field, that is wrong. In that case you can either leave the field empty (which is always correct if you do not know the correct reg.) or enter the complete reg of the plane in the middle of the formation. (in that case, in other cases you should enter the plane closest to the camera)

    2. contrast

    Too much contrast. If you look at the histogram it is clipped at both ends.

    3. soft

    The planes are not sharp. Considering the EXIF data and looking at the picture I think the planes are blurry.

    You used a shutter speed of 1/256 @ F19,8. This is very unusual setting. And it might be too slow for fast moving jets.
    Secondly using such a high F-Stop is way outside the sweet spot of your lens. So the photo will be softer than at F8.0. At F19.8 the resolution of the lens can easily be lower then the resolution of the sensor of your camera, adding softness in the result.
    Thirdly you where shooting at ISO400, so maybe noise reduction killed some details as well.

    All this resulted in a soft appearance of the shot.


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      Actually the settings were 1/250 at F20.
      With these settings I chose for ISO 400 to avoid the picture would come out underexposed.
      I am not sure if my camera uses any automatic noise reduction, but I have not done any noise reduction in post processing.

      When I look at the photo, also the original on 100% size, I still have the feeling the planes are sharp, so I might need some more advice how to see that they are not sharp.

      Could you also give me some tips on whether and if so how I can improve this in further post processing?


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        Use curves to brighten it up a little, and unsharp mask for more sharpening.