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What to do with these shots?

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  • What to do with these shots?


    today I got these shots rejected which would be the first ones in the db of this airport and of the aircraft (except the An-2).
    I was really sure to get them accepted but now:
    Where can I find out the cn number of this a/c? There are a lot of photos in the db without cn number! And the grain is not too disturbing I think.
    Well, ok, I can agree with the screener but I like the shot very much and what can I do to get it accepted?
    The same as in the first shot: It would be the first picture in database and I was not able to find out the cn number. And the grain is not too much I think...

    Thanks for help and advice!

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    Hi Patrick,
    For any questions regarding infos please ask here : as for the cn of this AC I couldn't find it either. Noise is crearly disturbing and you say it's the 1st pic of AC + airfield but the aircraft is really very small in the frame and the airfield is nowhere to be seen so it doesn't qualify for a rare shot at all...

    2nd pic, heat distorsion kills the shot

    3rd pic, no contrast at all and way too much grain so it's a clear no.

    And even if those are new regs, GA new regs are not really rare, I can personnaly take the car and get a dozen new regs in the airfields nearby in a couple of hours, when we talk about GA it's more about the type that matters...

    Best regards


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      Hi Alex,

      sad, but I understand your points. So you do not think there is any way to get even one of it into the db. And for the cn numbers it should be understandable for the screener that in some cases you just can't find them. Or what do you think? I the future I will ask on the link you've posted. Thanks.


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        Hi again,

        I've tried my best because I just like this photo very much and here is it:

        What do you think about this?


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          The picture wouldn't have been rejected if it was only a cn problem, the noise was the main one, it was just added as a rejection reason by the screener as it was missing too.
          2nd try is a bit better, I have strong doubts it would be accepted but you can still give it a try.



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            Ok. I understand. I will give it a try.

            Thank you!


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              This site has info on the 2 registrations!


              Good luck with your edits.



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                Wow, great! Thank you. Didn't know that one.