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Rejected - Part of Subject Cut Off/Missing

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  • Rejected - Part of Subject Cut Off/Missing

    YES ! I know that I'm missing a few things --- 4 Engines / 2 Wings / a Tail and the Rest of the Body. But I was lucky enough to get this shot UPCLOSE. My Canon PS A50 does not come with a wide angle lense and to get the ENTIRE acft in this shot I would have to go back into the Terminal and shoot thru a window. I have also seen
    quite a few other "Nose Shots." Any, and all advise will be appreciated. Thanks

    IMG SRC=[img]


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    Part of wheel cut off? Nice shot, just lower

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      Richard, it's just that it is a bad angle to shoot a plane. Plus it's got junk all around it.

      Don't blame your equipment, for your lack of creativity.........

      Missing the same amount of stuff, more actually, but to some, a more interesting shot. To others, just as boring. :P


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        I like it


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          I have to say the photo in question is a little dark, and just isnt that creative really. If you had moved around to the right (if possible, not sure of the situation) then you could have shot down the aircraft body, including the full titles, and more of the subject. If you are contesting this was a "nose shot" please look at the example above posted by "JeffinDen" to give you an idea of what usualy passes as a nose shot. I'm sorry your photo was rejected, it will happen from time to time. All i and other users can suggest is that you spend a little more time composing your photo to achieve the maximum quality in your outcome.
          Kind Regards


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            That's a good picture! I don't see what is wrong with it. I t seems to be more interpretive of the aircraft than many other pics on this site. I guess we're better wiht the same old boring side view shots at rotation or something of that sort...


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              Each person has there own views i guess.


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                The idea wasn't bad at all. But if you want to show the huge size of this aircraft, then why not zooming more in, showing only the front part/cockpit or so. That way, it seems more like a snapshot, than a well composed photograph.

                But what really kills that picture are the foreground clutter and the lighting. The aircraft itself lacks of contrast, due to the poor lighting.

                Hope this gives you a idea, what to try next time. Don't give up!!

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                  Thanks for all the suggestions and support . . . It's appreciated and I will try putting it to use when I'm back at the airport tomorrow.


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                    Each person has there own views i guess.
                    WHOOPS! i thought that the picture Jeff posted was the image in question. I'm sorry, I guess I should've read the post a little better. Yeah...the real picture in question (the BA one) is ncie, but there are just a few things that really bother stated before, the Ramp clutter is a bit excessive. Also, the aircraft is the shadows. That just makes it unpleasant to look like initially, but my eyes got over that.

                    Keep in mind this is coming from some one who has no pictures at this site.


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                      Twas Me!

                      I am the terrible person who rejected this picture- partially, because I felt that with a shot of that nature, if you are going to zoom out that much, you might as well include the whole front (which is why I gave the rejection what I did). However, the lack of contrast and creativity is also what makes the picture subpar.

                      Nice effort, though- and keep it up!

                      Ben Kaufman
                      (who is to go through some "dos and donts of screening" course later tonight! I think..)
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                        That is, I was the screener who rejected the Northwest 747 picture, not the BA one...

                        Didnt even realize the BA one existed!
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                          Wow, I get a rejection on a picture I never even uploaded? Thanks Ben, that was a first.

                          Try again....... O Master of composition...

                 I just love underexposed exit row shots.

                 Unique! What more can I say?

                 Now that IS a WHITE engine.

                          How is that "Do's and Don'ts" Post coming...?



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                            Originally posted by JeffinDEN
                   Now that IS a WHITE engine.
                            Looks more off white to me


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                              Calibrate your monitor. It is a white engine.