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A Reminder About Digital Manipulation

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  • A Reminder About Digital Manipulation

    Good Evening JetPhotos Members,

    Recently a well known JetPhotos photographer chose to adjust the attitude of a landing aircraft artificially in order to become more dramatic. This was discovered after acceptance and the photo was removed and the photographer reminded, politely, of our rules.

    Unfortunately more uploads were then noted with considerable modification that met our definition of digital manipulation. As a result we had no choice but to advise the photographer that he could no longer upload at JetPhotos, a disappointing result.

    We feel it is a timely reminder that our expectation is that photos of aircraft on our site are as they were seen by the photographer on the day. Whilst processing of the frame is expected, artificially adjusting colour, aircraft state, registrations or other gross changes cannot be tolerated.

    Unfortunately this means that some frames can simply not be accepted to this site. If you take a photo of a subject only to find it is too low in the frame to be accepted simply do not upload it rather than cloning in more foreground at the bottom of the frame!

    6.4 Manipulation

    Altering of colors, other than adjusting the histogram and contrast is not accepted, for example: giving the sky a yellow cast to fake a sunset sky.

    Black and white photos are only allowed on

    * scans of B/W negatives/slides
    * vintage aircraft or "vintage look alikes", i.e. retro painting schemes, replicas, etc.

    Any other colour altering, including fake skies, inverting of colours, etc. is not allowed.

    Any other altering during the editing process will be rejected, this means adding things that were not originally in the picture or removing significant elements of the shot. Recent examples are: addition of glare effects, altering of regs, etc.
    Feel free to remove dust spots, but do not manipulate the content of the frame!

    Thank you.

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    Hi AJ,

    How about HDRs? Are they accepted in JP? Would they be manipulated photo?



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      HDR is not rejected just because it is HDR. There are too many people cheating the system to make a ban of HDR possible. However, HDR has its more or less clearly defined place. It can save a photo but poorly done it can also ruin a photo. If we think, the photo has been too heavily manipulated, we will simply reject it for manipulation.
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        I would just like to ask, whether editing a person out of a picture would be considered OK, because the person is clearly identifiable, and ruins the composition, and it is not a major element of the composition, being that he is not supposed to be there, as he just ran in front of my camera when I was shooting. I cannot reshoot this photo as this was at a airshow when the aircraft was taxiing out past closing time. If not, would it be acceptable to upload the photo with the person in it, being that he ran in front of the camera when it was obvious that we were photographing.



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          Blurring out faces is a reason to reject a photo for manipulation. Same goes for blurring out regs (in a cockpit, ...) for example.

          Too bad!
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            Editing out something other than dust spots will be a instant reject for manipulation.


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              Thank you for the clarification and the prompt reply. Its a pity, guess I will have to use some different angles of that aircraft, which was F-WWYE, A332F in Airbus demo colors.