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  • Rejections !

    I had these shots rejected for the horizon's being unlevel. I have tried to level them and requeued the shots.But they have been rejected again,
    whats the story ! I thought i'd leveled them correctly. I agreed that they were a degree or two out, but i think these are okay now !
    What do you guys think ?

    Cheers for now Macca.

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    O must agree with the screener.

    Just look to the appartment buildings in the back or the church tower. They are off a little, not much, just a little. The antenna behind the 737 is also off. I think that if you want to level it, you'd be best of basing it on the antenna.
    Also, the colours seem to be a bit of. A bit to reddish I believe. I do not really know what to do about that though.

    At the Reno Air too, just look at the hangers in the back. Again just very slightly unlevel.

    I've tried to work on the Ryanair plane, I rotated and cropped it just 1 degree to the left. I think that should be enough. I cropped quite a lot and saved with a high compression so it can be uploaded to the boards.

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      Screener is correct. Both are off a bit. I would work on the color as well.


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        Variations or Color Cast in photoshop can help.



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          Here is what I managed to do. I just reduced the red a bit, and sharpened it a bit, but I have a feeling it might have become a bit too oversharpened now. But the colours seem OK now.

          "The Director also sets the record straight on what would happen if oxygen masks were to drop from the ceiling: The passengers freak out with abandon, instead of continuing to chat amiably, as though lunch were being served, like they do on those in-flight safety videos."

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            Yep, and maybe some lighten using levels, and of course a bit more sharpening.




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              Here's what i was able to make of the first one...

              The second one doesn't look like it can be's my attempt though...


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                totally 'whacked color'


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                  And the first price goes to: .... (trumpet sounds!) .... JEFF!

                  Seriously: I rejected at leat the first pic, probably also the second. If I recall correctly I also wrote something about the bad colour, which Jeff managed to fix.

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                    Thanks to you all for your input , on the Ryanair i will try again to level it out,maybe 2degrees to the left.Not sure how to alter colours,any advice would be most welcome.
                    The Reno MD90 i think i have another shot,which is more of a side on shot.So will try uploading that one instead.

                    Cheers for now.


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                      Thanks Gerardo,
                      You just have to tackle each area of "off color" individually. While color can be corrected, the contrast was way off due to the time of day and there are "blown out" areas of the white fuselage that cannot be recovered.

                      You cannot sharpen this one with out making it a bunch of jaggies either, but it was good practice.



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                        Because excess magenta seems to be such a common problem with digital photos I had a go at this one just for the practice. Here's my attempt:

                        This one looks a little better but is still questionable as far as being accepted: