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  • Pre-upload opinions

    Hey guys I just wanted some opinions on this shot that I took last week before uploading to the database. Its been a while since I uploaded, and I'm starting fresh. This will be my first photo in the db if accepted. What do you all think? Thanks in advance.


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    That's a pretty decent shot Cody, where did you take it?

    There are two things that would improve your shot's chances of getting accepted:

    a) The horizon looks unlevel. Give the shot 1 of clockwise rotation.
    b) It looks a bit dark which is confirmed by the histogram. Open your levels palette in Photoshop (Ctrl+L) and move the right slider towards the right end of the graph. This will improve the highlights in your shot.

    Hope this helps!


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      thanks magic. I took the shot at LAS last thursday. Its so hard to shoot through the fence as in my orignal the top right corner has a great deal of fencing in it lol but manged to crop it out whooo. I will give it a shot and repost for another opinion just to make sure before I upload thanks for your opinion


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        here we go. I gave it a quick go. it seems to be more level and i brightened it up a bit trying not to over expose or blow out any whites...hope its a somewhat step above the first edit


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