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Achieving clarity.

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  • Achieving clarity.

    My quest is to get clear, sharp pictures. Even though I've had a dozen or so accepted here, my shots aren't the quality that I see with the guys who are really, really good.

    My camera is an Olympus C700. What mode should I use if I'm shooting a taxying (taxiing?) jet? "Auto"? "Sport"? "Landscape"? Or should I go to A/S/M and manually adjust the settings?

    I use Photoshop 7 to try to enhance my shots. It helps, of course, but not to the point that I see in other people's work.

    Should I invest in a big ole' lens to strap on to my C-700?

    Here is an example of about the best I can do, it seems:
    My shots:

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    Adding a lens to your C-700 would degrade the quality not enhance it.

    Shoot in P mode, ISO in AUTO, and expose using the up and down buttons.