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  • photo submission info please

    I would like to know how to submit photos for your consideration. I am a new member but an old fan of Jet Photos. Having viewed many many of the posted photos and sent them as post cards as well as having used them for my desk top, I feel like I have at some ideas about what makes an interesting shot. I would like to send you some samples if I may but I do not know the channels through which I must enter. Please advise. thank you , Skogmo

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    Hello and welcome!

    If you're just after an opinion before uploading, we have a thread dedicated to just that so feel free to post a few images and one (or more) of our screeners will get back to you shortly. The thread is:

    Have a question about Photo Editing software (Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, etc.), improving your photos, etc.? Our crew of Photo Screeners is here to help you out!

    Hope that helps.

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