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    I started off the day with one good lulz, but ended up with two great ones!


    Good troll, JP!

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    That one rejection reason does seem to have slipped through for no good reason; I'm not sure how, however the reasons the other 13 you've had rejected in the last 2 weeks seem perfectly valid. We can go into them in some detail if you like?

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      I find that quite humorous.


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        Justin as it was explained to you in the rejection off of your appeal the screener checked "cut off" vs. "contrast." The two are next to each other and mistakes happen. I don't see the point in this thread other then you acting like a child which I'm guessing is your reality. The other two reasons were valid and based off of your rejections overall I'd probably spend more time working on your photography skills and editing vs. pointing out a mistake that while wrong doesn't help your case. The forums are here so that other photogs and screeners can ask advice and improve their work, its clear based on your first post you don't agree with that. That being said this discussion doesn't need to continue.
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