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- Too much or too little contrast

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  • - Too much or too little contrast

    Once again I ask for your opinion. The following photos are rejected. Reason:- Too much or too little contrast.

    But again I don't know if it is too little or too much???

    What can I do to improve them?


    Paul Stam

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    Hi Paul,

    The problem is there's too much contrast but the reason for that is the snow behind the aircraft is very bright, which means exposing the aircraft correctly without blowing out the background is quite difficult. I have to be honest, if these were my images I'd probably write them off rather than try edit them simply because they'd need quite a lot of messing with to get right.

    The quality of the CRJ isn't too good either. It looks soft in parts, oversharp/jaggy in others and is quite noisy. I don't think that can be edited to be acceptable in all honesty.

    Hope that explains it a little further,

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      Hi Paul,

      Thank you for your reply. Now I see the problems.
      I shall write them off.



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        These ones are rejected for the same reason: - Too much or too little contrast

        But I think the contrast is fine. When I edit less contrast you get pale colours,
        or not?