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Help me with the halos

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  • Help me with the halos

    Hi, I need some help fixing the halos.
    I just give my self a brand new camera, and since i have these camera, all my pictures hace been rejected for the reason fo halos.
    If someone know the solution for my problem, please help me
    Thanks Joaco Quito-Ecuador

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    The two biggest problems which cause halos are in my opinion:

    1) Heavy use of the highlights / Shadows tool in Photoshop
    2) The use of D-lighting in Nikon camera's (turn it off!)

    Both tools try to soften contrast by making dark tones brighter and bright tones darker. This might work for normal standard pictures but is killing for pictures from airplanes in the sky.

    The easiest way to get rid of the halos is to not use those tools and get the contrast/exposure right in the camera.

    If you shoot in RAW you can get rid of the D-lighting effect in your RAW converter. If you shoot JPEG you need to be sure it is turned off before you start shooting.

    You can spot halos easilly by equalizing the picture.

    Hope this helps.



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      Hi Joaco,

      There are two things that will almost certainly give you halos; they are D-Lighting in Nikon cameras and using the Shadow/Highlight tool in Photoshop. Is your new camera Nikon by any chance? If it is, find the D-Lighting setting and get rid of it! This should hopefully solve the problem.

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        Ha! Damn, Roel. Just beat me to it!
        Seeing the world with a 3:2 aspect ratio...

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