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    Hi, I'm curious as to what size crop I should use for vertical tail shots. Do you guys normally use 427x672 or some other dimensions? Also, I'd like to edit and upload this photo however I don't know if this angle is up to standard. Please note that this photo is not edited....I purely just want an opinion if its an okay crop to work with and upload. thanks in advance.


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    The cropping rules are explained in the upload guidelines. Your photo does not fit the standards of this site.

    Motive wise, the photo shows too much fuselage for a close up.
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      Hi Cody,

      As Gerardo says, this angle isn't suitable for upload unfortunately. The problem is it neither shows enough of the fuselage or the tail; it's kind of in between. As an abstract angle where motives are essentially irrelevant I quite like it, but it's somewhat unfocussed in terms of what you're actually trying to show and as such isn't acceptable here on JP. One for the personal collection I'm afraid (or Flickr!)

      As for sizes, the requirements are outlined in the upload guide which states a minimum dimension of 800 pixels along the longest edge, so 672 by 427 is too small. It's also below the minimum required 3:2 aspect ratio. My personal preference is for a 3:2 aspect ratio simply because it fits in 99% of what I shoot very well with the minimum dead space around the frame. I'll occasionally use 4:3 for something like a close front end crop of a steeply rotating aircraft that won't fit in 3:2, but I find 3:2 (which most DSLRs naturally produce anyway) works well for the vast majority of things. I have used 4:3 for the occasional tail shot, although the composition has been quite different to yours; something more like this, which is more along the lines of what's required for a tail shot to be accepted on JP:


      Hope that helps,

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