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  • Photoshop save for web ratio help

    I recently put PS7 on my new PC. I cannot remember where the setting is for saving a picture in a 4:3 ratio . Example,I change the width to 1024,it would change the height to 783
    or 800:600. I know its here somewhere. Thanks.

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    Don't know about PS7 but in CS3, when you select the crop tool the image size is displayed in the top bar. You can manually change the crop size here. For 4:3 ratio 1024px wide equates to 768px high.

    3:2 ratio is 1024px x 683px.

    Make sure you type px after the figures.

    ...and for anyone else reading this, especially those who have had crop ratio rejections, this is a good way to avoid such rejections by ensuring that your crop is set to a 4:3 or 3:2 ratio.

    3:2 is the preferred ratio for most images as it cuts down on unnecessary dead space top and bottom of the image. I only ever use 4:3 ratio for tight crops of the front end of airliners, normally to make sure landing gear is not cut off. I can't think of a reason to use 4:3 with an airborne aircraft.
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      I Have PS7

      When I click on the crop tool an Aspect Ratio toolbar appears above the the pic. There you can put in the 4X3 or 3x2 and pixels/inches. PS7 remebers the last setting you used. I always use 3x2, however, I changed to 4x3 and closed and opened PS7 again.. It had remeber my last setting.