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  • Horizon lines

    Help me, what is the horizon line in this photo?

    For me, is perfect. I considered important, the vertical lines of the Brown building and the control tower. White line of The runway too.

    Result of appeal is: "Everything is leaning right."

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    Nice photo!

    I'm not a screener but, since they have said "everything is leaning right", even though you have a good point, I do think the screener is correct in suggesting that some CCW (counter-clockwise) rotation (i.e. rotate left) will do the trick.

    I would probably start lining an image like this up along the line where the buildings meet the ground. Although you can't see much of it here you can get an idea of where it runs and, when I tried a little CCW rotation, it looked better to me when the top of the terminal was horizontal.


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      how about using the top of the main terminal just above the second row of the bluish windows?


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        The pole you used as a reference might be level, but the whole terminalbuilding is leaning to the right, try to use the terminal as a reference to level it, poles are almost always unreliable.


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          I got no problems on keeping the terminal building roof as a reference and rotate the image. But, doing this, I get all the builidng vertical lines, which are the only lines I should trust, wrongly leaning to the left instead of the lightings, which will be vertical (but they are actually not vertical at all in FCO) and the horizontal lines, which will be horizontal instead of being deformed by perspective.