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Computer "scratch disk"?

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  • Computer "scratch disk"?

    This is more a computer question than a photography question, but possibly something some of you may have experienced?

    OK, here's the thing ...

    I had a very successful weekend last weekend, in beautiful weather at LHR. I was uploading photos from my various cards to the computer, thankfully not all at once, as it turns out. I uploaded a third one this evening, but it was obviously a little too big; when I tried to open one of the photos, I could not, as a message came up "unable to open photo ... scratch disk is full".

    I thought I could delete the file and then upload the third card again, but when I did, only a small number of the photos were uploaded, so there are a lot from the 10th (last Saturday), which I cannot access. (Or can I - can anyone advise whether I can, because I think those photos I deleted are somewhere on my drives?)

    Plan B: I still have the photos on my card, so I was going to bring them into a Fuji shop and get them put on a DVD and upload from there, but I tried that with another card and I'm not 100% clear if the quality is compromised. Any views on this?

    Any suggestions as to what my best course of action is?

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    Hi there,

    Rather than explain it I'll post a link which gives some info and will hopefully be useful. (I'm feeling lazy!)

    Hope that helps.

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