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Can't see the dust spot. How do you check for dust?

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  • wrxflyer
    Are you sure, you posted the correct link, as this photo is NOT rejected for dustspots or data, but for soft and/or blurrieness

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  • Rtyrpics
    Hi There,
    The photo was rejected for
    Reason(s) For Rejection:
    - Blurry
    - Undersharpened (Soft)

    Blurry means the photo is so soft it can not be recovered look particularly round the nose area.

    Softness is a problem with most digital cameras however a round of photoshop should clear up the definition slightly.

    I doubt this photo can be saved

    Hope that helps

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  • Can't see the dust spot. How do you check for dust?

    This photo was rejected for dust and data.

    The data error is mine, but I cannot see the dust spot that the reviewer reports is in the top left corner. Even at 200% inverted in the raw file I can't see it. Can you see it? What is the best method for detecting dust spots?