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    Originally posted by arjenp View Post
    I'm not denying that, but when someone tells me to Make your bloody mind up it doesn't sound that nice towards me.
    When we're very clearly talking about one thing and then you completely contradict yourself several weeks later I don't know what else to say other than make your mind up! The numbers we were talking about were very clear, and with good technique and experience they work, so if you've had a different experience then quite simply you need more practice. I'm not trying to be nasty; I'm genuinely not and I apologise if it seemed that way. Sarcastic perhaps, but not nasty. That said, you do seem to have a habit of questioning things a little too much rather than sitting back and taking the information in, which is really what you should be doing. That's all.


    P.S. Just for the record, I hate rejecting images. Especially if it's the result of a photographer thinking he/she knows more than they actually do and not making the most of the help and advice available to them.

    Originally posted by Rtyrpics View Post
    I go from 1/160 shutter to 1/200 is that a full stop of a third of a stop?
    That's a third (1/3) of a stop, Ryan. Basically with shutter speed if you want to increase it by one stop then you halve the shutter speed, and if you want to decrease by one stop then you double the shutter speed. If you ever get confused with the sequence of numbers then just put your camera into Tv and scroll through them. They'll be shown in 1/3rd stop increments, so one stop quicker than 1/160th is 1/320th, going via 1/200th and 1/250th. ISO works in the same way; a stop above ISO 200 is ISO 400, and a stop below ISO 200 is ISO 100.
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      Originally posted by Rtyrpics View Post
      Hiya Paul,
      Thanks for pointing that out, I will change the table later when I have time. Just as a question if I go from 1/160 shutter to 1/200 is that a full stop of a third of a stop?
      Hey Ryan

      Think of it this way: a full stop is (with shutterspeed and ISO) always double or half the original number. so 1/80 -> 1/160 -> 1/320 or 1/100 -> 1/200 -> 1/400 is a sequence of full stops.

      With the f-number it's slightly different, there multiplying by the square root of 2 would be a full stop (due to the two dimensions of the detector).