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Backlit rejection ?

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  • Backlit rejection ?

    Hello again to all,
    I shot this photo this morning.
    I'm wondering if it would still be rejected for backlit in the night shot category?
    Any comments welcome.
    Thanking you in advance.

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    Well, whilst it is backlit I really like it!

    Backlighting can work if done properly.


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      Originally posted by AJ View Post
      Well, whilst it is backlit I really like it!
      Me too.



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        One for the personal collection. All good.

        Thanks guys


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          Originally posted by damien0101 View Post
          One for the personal collection. All good.

          Thanks guys

          I like it as well and given the screeners reaction, I don't think so.....


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            If I was a screener, I would accept it!

            ............................. I know
            My photos aren't as good as this one!

            But, by time,.....

            Despite I shoot photos of planes whilst landing/departing,..., I am a bit specialisated on taking pictures of contrailing planes (especially the bigger stuff like A380,....AN 225, AN124, who are flying (A380) every second day over our house at 9000m! And the AN 124 is a 'guest contrailer' like one time per month, the AN225 sadly flew as a contrailer only two times yet over my house....
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            flown with:, Luxair, CityBird,, Air Moldova, AirFrance, Régional, West Air Luxembourg, recently added: Volotea


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              I'd certainly vote accept! It's really quite backlit but the angle you've caught the light at is gentle yet dynamic. Very nice photo!
              Seeing the world with a 3:2 aspect ratio...

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                Why for the personal collection mate?


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                  Wow, thanks for the encouragement guys, I will most certainly pop it in the queue.