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Help with rejections again!

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  • Help with rejections again!

    These say bad cropping: I have not crop this photo at all)

    Then I had a MU306's very little part cut off of tail which I have just noticed and accepted the rejection, but does this little part of elevator matter?
    Because I had this shot with elevator not in shot as well:

    And this says blurry:
    And dirty, but I don't know how to deal with it 'cause I scanned it through photo shops (real ones, not the one in computer)
    How much do I have to sharpen this one?

    I've just realized I'm way behind JetPhotos' new standard!
    Thanks for any help.

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    It appears to me that the exposure is off on all of those shots. Blurry as well on a fair number of them. Grain is very visible, and some suffer from less then optimal composition.

    New standards?


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      I agree with the first two rejects, the aircraft is just not centered in the frame.

      The British Airways 747 shot is also quite soft, a little USM would help but the lack of the horozontal stabalizer is too distracting at that angle.

      The CHina Airlines 744 looks almost oversharpened or somewhere along the lines of that. The Korean Air A330 appears to have a sun glare on the left side of the photo and is also quite grainy. The Cathy Pacific shot just needs some USM, might be savable, but it would be borderline.


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        Re: Help with rejections again!
        Probably wrong reason selected, but definitely blurry (And I have not crop this photo at all)
        Who cropped it then? If you want to make a close up, crop tighter, get more into a detail. If you only crop out about 10% of the aircraft, then the result doesn't really look good.
        In my opinion, the cut off wing is really disturbing. Perhaps it would look better, if you crop tighter to the fuselage, cutting more away of the wing.
        Blurry, grainy and again bad cropped: there's too much space left on the left of the fuselage.
        This one is really grainy and dirty. For example: Look below the fuselage on the right of the front gear.
        Try to sharpen with USM, but perhaps the original pictures is already too blurry. I don't know.

        I've just realized I'm way behind JetPhotos' new standard!
        What new standards ... ?

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          Do you think another scan of the KE332 is possible to bring it up to standard? If so, I'll just bring it to another scan.

          For the Thai shot, should I just crop tighter to the wing root? (And yes it was a close-up) If I crop in too much, won't it result in quality de-rate?
          And I don't quite understand "there's too much space left on the left of the fuselage" about the CI shot.

          I've just got a feeling of not catching up with JetPhotos' daily raising standard (Compare these with my early shots!), or my technique is getting worse! (And I did actually read a post somewhere from a screener with words of "new standard"!

          By the way, thanks for all of your kind comments!


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            Without seeing the original pivture of the KE A332, I can't judge the chances of a re-scan, but I doubt, they are high enough.

            The TG B744 would look better, if zoomed more int the detail. Look in the database. You will certainly find good pics. Perhaps another angle- more from the front - would also help to get a more pleasant pictture.

            My best tip: forget all of them and move on to the next chances, which you sure will have. That's how most of us improve their skills.

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              What about the CI 744? Any suggestions? (To both editing and photographing skills?)

              Thanks a lot for your kindness and suggestions Gerardo!


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                best tip: forget all of them and move on...