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Help with my bad cropping rejections.

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  • Help with my bad cropping rejections.

    Okay the first pic of the BA 747 could be cropped a little to the nose right?? If I do crop it towards the nose will it have a chance at getting it accepted? \

    And the cormorant where here would I have to crop?

    Thanks for your help in advance.

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    The BA744 needs to be centred in the frame so that the nose and tail are equal lengths from the borders of the picture, it also needs to be levelled.

    I haven't seen the other picture so I cna't advise on that one.

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      Hmmm....I think the shot is level, if you look at the light poles. I just think it is a bad angle. And the glass you shot it through looks kinda dirty to me. Cropping that won't change the awkward angle.


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        For the Cormorant picture, you need to crop it a little tighter to get rid of the white areas near left and right edges of the photo. Also, try to make the space above and below the helicopter even. Not a bad photo though, is that a Comox bird?

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          Yea i'm pretty sure it's a comox chopper. Thanks for all your suggestions I look forward to your help later on. And believe me i'll need all the help I can get.