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    I certainly do not stop, just because you want me to. Or did you listen to us?
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      Two of the points I swear I've talked to you about is the appearance of being level v actually being level. In the absence of any vertical references the photo must appear level, devoid of such leaning. Yes in your image the hills in the background get further away (and we expect them to get lower) as we move from right to left, but even in both Mark and Dave's rotations we still observe that. The fact that there are no vertical references does not mean you can rotate your photo however you want and get it accepted. As a side note, Horizon rejections usually are voted unless there is a very obvious leaning in a vertical, and usually always in situations like this.
      Secondly, (And I've definitely mentioned this) An appeal with regards to a horizon must explain why the horizon is correct! Not just complain about the rejection.
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