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Be aware of Photoshop CS6 resizing

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  • Be aware of Photoshop CS6 resizing

    Hi all,

    I'm not sure if it has been mentioned before in the forums, but I thought I'd point it out anyway, because this setting could give oversharpen/unwanted results.

    In previous editions of Photoshop it was possible to resize your photos with the setting "Bicubic Sharper", in the Image Size window. Standard, this was set to "Bicubic", in that way it didn't touch the sharpness.

    Since CS6 there is a new setting, called "Bicubic Automatic". This setting will automatically use "Bicubic Sharper" when you're downsizing. When upsizing it'll use the "Smoother" setting.

    To keep things in your own controls, like you were used to, I suggest you choose the classic "Bicubic" option in the General preferences pane.

    Happy editing! - Simon De Rudder
    Simon De Rudder
    JetPhotos Management Team

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    Thanks for the advice, Iīve just installed CS6 it on my iMac and noticed something strange, here itīs the solution.




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      Simon, where is that setting?


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        Sorry if it's a stupid question, but why would you ever upsize? Why would anyone ever size a photo to say 800x600 and then upsize it to 1200x900 and then upload it?


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          For example if you need a large photo for large size prints, it is better you upsize the photo on your PC and have full control over quality instead of letting the print factory upsize it.
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            Thanks for the explanation. I did not think of printing


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              Originally posted by Brenden S View Post
              Simon, where is that setting?
              Edit....Preferences....General.....(In the resulting window)..Image Interpolation.
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