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Is this possible without manipulation?

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  • Is this possible without manipulation?

    I just don't see how this is possible. I imagine the only way to get a shot like this is if the IL-76 just suddenly stopped and hovered.

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    I asked a similar question about 4 years ago. I got some pretty good responses from people. Here's the link:

    From my experience and own failed attempts, you'd have to have a very powerful flash and/or do it at dusk when there's still some light out and it isn't truly "night" yet. Best of luck to you if you do try it on your own.



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      Rear curtain flash could be the answer to this one ........ And quite a powerful flash at that !
      You set up on a tripod aiming the camera at where you want the subject to finally be. Manually focus for that point, set a long exposure to get the light trail.

      Rear curtain flash tells the camera to expose the for time set, fire the flash at the end and finish the exposure at that point.

      The other alternative is that there was sufficient light from the front as evidenced by the well exposed approach gantry. In fact, looking again I think the second option is the one to go for because the blurred leaves to the right don't show any evidence of flash illumination.
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