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    I have below photo rejected for being "similar". Seeing that I have more photos already in the database of the exact same location, how come this photo is any different? As long as different aircraft and/or airlines are in the airport overview I see them as different. With this logic I can never upload airport overview photos taken in Curacao as this is the best location but apparently boring for

    See my rejected photo in below link:

    I planned to upload similar airport overview photos when Arkefly starts using the 787 to Curacao but now I won't do this. It will be rejected anyway. I was planning to upload airport overview photos with KLM's A330 which just started flying to Curacao but now I can't upload this either. All this because of this similar rejection reason. Very sad that this rules applies in this way for airport overview photos, especially when it's a fact that airport overview photos always generate a lot of hits for the website.

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    The similar guidelines were updated in May, hence why your other photos were accepted.

    2.6 Similar

    Means that you have a similar photo already in the database. Please upload only your best photos, try other angles, be creative. Similar refers to same registration, same angle/composition or same background, even if taken at different dates or in different phases of flight. The angle between uploads must differ by at least 45 degrees. However, if a new upload is of a significantly better quality, we may consider accepting it. Close up views and full or partial views of an a/c taken at the same angle, are generally considered similar.

    For pictures taken at different airports 1 similar photo will be accepted. For further up-loads the usual criteria applies.

    For cockpit shots do not upload photos of specific instruments or controls if they appear in another full cockpit image. We will only accept a certain number of cockpit or window shots taken in the same aircraft (normally no more than 3).


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      ...and to put that into an even closer context, you are uploading the image as an airport overview. (Note: It should really have been uploaded as a ramp shot). Whatever, your stated subject is the airport....not the aircraft within the shot. Admittedly at Curacao you are limited in what different view angle you can get but you have this particular view well covered now.
      There is nothing to stop you uploading single aircraft on the ramp providing they are not obstructed. I would think that, for the specific aircraft you mention, you should be able to get at least 6 images of each that sufficiently different to avoid a similar reject i.e. Landing, Taking off (on runway), Taking off (airborne and at different angle), Taxiing in, Parked and on Pushback.
      If it 'ain't broken........ Don't try to mend it !