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What is the best software to use to edit raw files

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  • What is the best software to use to edit raw files

    hi all

    just want to know what is the best software to use to edit raw files,
    at the moment i am still shooting in JPEG and keep getting told to shoot RAW,
    i only have CS2,
    I don't think i can edit raw photos in that any help please,


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    Your camera should have come with some RAW editing software. I've never had a problem with Canons DPP (not sure what the Nikon one is). Many people like Adobes Lightroom, as it does well as a photo organiser as well.
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      The easiest way is to use the photo editing software delivered with your camera. At least you can convert them into TIF files which you can edit in PS. Another way is to convert them to DNG with Adobe DNG converter (freeware) and edit them in PS CS2.

      Other software solutions are Lightroom, Elements and I'm sure there are more.
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        I use Adobe Photoshop Elements. Has all the functions of the full package I need to process my photos at approx. 10% of the price. Adobe provides a plug in, which is a free download to enable PS and Elements to read RAW format directly. Check on their website.



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          I use FastStone Image Viewer 4.7 Freeware. It has lots of possibilities.


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            Iron, there is a Japanese program called Silkypix, very easy to use and not that expensive. It is possible to download a trail version on the site:
            Try it and enjoy.
            I use it (v.3.0) since about three years now.