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  • Blurry letters

    I take my aviation photos in RAW and the letters of the aircraft's registration are crystal clear. However, most of the time when I downsize my photo to the accepted standards (1024 x 683) the letters get blurry. The aircraft if 90% sharp (a few unsharp points here and there) but the letters stink.

    Here is an example.

    Notice the 757 lettering and the registration - terrible.

    Now how do some spotters manage to keep the registration letters and numbers clear. I undestand when spotters use professional cameras but I have seen many using the Nikon D90 (and same lens) obtain far sharper lettering.

    I don't think it is a sharpening issue, this problems pops up as soon as I reduce the size of the photo.


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    Personally, if you hadn't pointed it out to me, I don't think I would have noticed.

    In any event, are you sharpening and then resizing? That can lead to some wonky effects because what makes a photo sharp at full-size can often be too much for a photo at web-size.

    If you are, switch those steps. Sharpening should always be last. But if you're not, I'm not sure what else it could be.


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      I usually resize then the process of sharpening. After that save!


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        The procedure I use is as follows:

        1. Align horizon (if necessary)
        2. Crop
        2. Check for dust spots
        3. Curves, histogram and contrast

        After all the above I resize.

        Nonetheless as mentioned, the letters get blurred - does this happen to you?



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          Are you resizing in one go or in steps? Something to play with there, also, what resizing method are you using? You could try bicubic sharper. This is assuming you are using photoshop, I'm unfamiliar with other software.

          Also, sharpening the large photo will help, I generally so a smart sharpen at amount = 80, radius = 0.8 and remove gaussian blur on the full sized image.

          Also here, I think part of the problem is you are resizing too much detail into too fewer pixels. If the original is as sharp as you claim, do the titles and registration look better if you resize to 1200?
          Sam Rudge
          A 5D3, some Canon lenses, the Sigma L and a flash


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            First of all I use Photoshop CS5.
            When I have finished the first steps and need to resize:

            1. I click Image - Image Size
            2. I set the values Width = 1024 and Height = 683
            3. Then I head to the pull down menu at bottom and select Bicubic sharper (best for reductions)

            Even before I start sharpening, the blurry effect pops up (not always). Could it be a problem with the original sharpness of the photo? But as said, when I view the photo in RAW it looks very sharp.



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              I've noticed many people seem to be using Bicubic sharper when resizing down which tends to add a bit of sharpening during the resizing process.

              Personally I simply use Bicubic and add any sharpening myself.

              One suggestion Aeriana, the new standard size on is 1200 pixels, an increase from 1024 pixels. Perhaps try editing a few images at this size and see what you think. The slightly larger resolution should make letters more readable and easier to sharpen. Your images on the database all look fine and should easily work at 1200 pix.


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                Originally posted by Mr Chips View Post
                Your images on the database all look fine and should easily work at 1200 pix.
                Thanks Dave

                I will try the 1200 format and let you know. Perhaps that is the key to this mystery.